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AceBeam offers a range of high-quality flashlights, headlamps and bike lights. AceBeam focuses on delivering innovative products with cutting edge designs, without compromising on what’s important to them or their customers. 

All AceBeam products come with a 5 year warranty when purchased through Torch Depot. 

Check out our range of AceBeam products and please email us if you have any questions!


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AceBeam is a brand that's
synonymous with high-quality flashlights and other lighting products. Based on
a foundation of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, AceBeam has
become a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and
professionals who require reliable and durable lighting solutions.

One of the key features
that sets AceBeam apart from other flashlight brands is its use of the latest
technology in its products. From advanced LED chips to precision reflectors and
specialized lens coatings, AceBeam incorporates a range of features that help
to optimize the performance of its flashlights and ensure maximum brightness,
range, and durability.

Another important aspect
of AceBeam's brand identity is its focus on superior design. Every AceBeam
product is designed with the user in mind, incorporating ergonomic grips,
intuitive controls, and durable materials that can withstand even the harshest
environments. From compact EDC flashlights to powerful searchlights and
headlamps, AceBeam has a range of products that are suitable for a wide range
of applications.

AceBeam is also known for
its commitment to customer satisfaction. When you purchase an AceBeam product
from Torch Depot, you can rest assured that you'll receive exceptional customer
service and support. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have
about your AceBeam product(s) and can assist with troubleshooting, warranty
claims, and other issues that may arise.

One of the key benefits of
choosing an AceBeam product is the brand's commitment to quality. All AceBeam
products are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure that they meet the
highest standards for performance and reliability. In addition, AceBeam offers
a 5-year warranty on all of its products, giving you peace of mind and
confidence in your purchase.

AceBeam's product line
includes a range of flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights that are suitable
for a variety of applications. For example, the L19 flashlight features a
maximum output of 2200 lumens and a beam distance of up to 1083 meters, making
it ideal for search and rescue operations and other demanding applications.
Meanwhile, the H30 headlamp offers up to 4000 lumens of output and a runtime of
up to 72 hours, making it perfect for extended use in outdoor activities.

In addition to its core
product line, AceBeam also offers a range of accessories that can enhance the
performance and functionality of its flashlights and other products. For
example, the AceBeam remote pressure switch allows for easy activation of your
flashlight when mounted on a weapon or other gear, while the AceBeam battery
charger ensures that your batteries are charged and ready to go when you need

Overall, AceBeam is a
brand that's built on a foundation of innovation, quality, and reliability.
With its cutting-edge technology, superior design, and commitment to customer
satisfaction, AceBeam is a brand that you can trust for all of your lighting
needs. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a professional, or just looking
for a reliable flashlight for everyday use, AceBeam has a product that's right
for you. So why wait? Check out our range of AceBeam products today and
experience the AceBeam difference for yourself.