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Hi-Max offers a range of high-quality flashlights and bike lights, with a strong focus on lighting solutions for outdoor activities. Hi-Max specialise in making bike lights and dive lights, from the highest-quality materials, which is why they can boast up to 150m water resistance on their dive lights! 

All Hi-Max products come with a 2 year warranty when purchased through Torch Depot.

Check out our range of Hi-Max products and please email us if you have any questions!


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Hi-Max is a brand that
specialises in producing high-quality flashlights and bike lights for outdoor enthusiasts.
The company's focus on quality materials and innovative design has earned them
a loyal following of outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best in lighting

One of Hi-Max's
specialties is their line of dive lights, which are designed to withstand the
rigours of deep-sea exploration. With up to 150m water resistance, these dive
lights are built to withstand the pressure of the ocean depths and provide
reliable illumination when it's needed most. In addition to their dive lights,
Hi-Max also produces a wide range of bike lights, including powerful front
lights and reliable rear lights for enhanced visibility on the road or trail.

But it's not just the
quality of Hi-Max's products that sets them apart from the competition. The
company is also committed to providing exceptional customer service and
support. All Hi-Max products come with a 2-year warranty when purchased through
Torch Depot, giving customers peace of mind and ensuring that they can enjoy
their Hi-Max lighting solutions for years to come.

At Torch Depot, we are
proud to offer a range of Hi-Max products to our customers. Whether you're an
avid diver, a serious cyclist, or just someone who needs a reliable flashlight
for outdoor adventures, Hi-Max has a solution that will meet your needs. We
invite you to explore our range of Hi-Max products and contact us if you have
any questions or need assistance in choosing the perfect lighting solution for
your needs.